Compiled history of Samuel Truehart (1843-1897), 5th Regiment Calvary USCT, Company E

In my search for Kentucky USCT regiments, I came across a website that is just excellent.  I wanted to highlight it here in case you have not seen it yet.   5th Regiment Calvary, United States Colored Troops includes the regimental history, battles, and rosters.  It is the creation of David E. Brown.  Brown is a descendant of Samuel Truehart (1843-1897) who served in the 5th Regiment Calvary, USCT.

Colonel James Brisbin was the commander of this regiment which faced battles where many men were massacred and are unaccounted for today.  Brown provides an account of memorials held to honor the fallen troops as well as sources that explain the brutal massacres at Saltville, VA and Simpsonville, KY.

Brown became interested in the 5th Regimental Calvary when he discovered his great great grandfather, Samuel Truehart served with them.  He has compiled a great history with photos about this ancestor.  See: Samuel Truehart.  This website is a great example of what can be done to bring our ancestor's story out of obscurity.  I hope to continue to discover great tributes such as this one.

Samuel Truehart (1843-1897)

I am emailing David E. Brown an About Our Freedom Badge for doing an outstanding job preserving the history of his ancestor, Samuel Truehart.  I love that last name. Keep hunting and sharing!  Your history is our history!

Check this site out!  There is much to learn here: 5th Regiment Calvary, United States Colored Troops



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