About Our Freedom Maverick Awards to be given to people past and present

We are announcing About Our Freedom Maverick Web Awards.  I had been wondering what to call these awards until I heard Angela Y. Raji-Walton coin the word "maverick" in her #91 podcast.  I think Freedom Maverick fits perfectly.  A maverick is someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action according to WordNet Web at Princeton University.

A Freedom Maverick exercises great independence in the following areas:

  • Valor, by exhibiting a great degree of courage in battle.
  • Service, by devoting a vast amount of time and energy to serving mankind.
  • Education, by helping us to better understand history and heritage.
The awards below were inspired by a photograph that I took at The State House in downtown Columbia, South Carolina. There is so much said about the Confederate flag that hangs there, but I never have seen much about the African American Monument that depicts the history of African Americans. Taking down a flag alone does not change a people's vision. Those we acknowledge as being a Freedom Maverick  will help us have the right perspective. By the way, I love Photoshop!




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