Resources at FamilySearch, free and easily accessible

Resources at FamilySearch have always been free, and now records to document our ancestry are more readily accessible at  After over 25 years of research, I am still able to discover more using the historic records made available online as well as other avenues of free research assistance such as FamilySearch Forums, and FamilySearch Wiki.

I want others to have the same success in documenting their ancestry. For this reason I spend a great deal of time sharing what I know.  FamilySearch has over 140 free research courses to help you here:  Research Courses.  You will be amazed at how much you can learn from the comfort of your home.

Please find two courses below recently filmed by FamilySearch below along with resources that will be useful to viewers of Nurturing Our Roots on NO-ATV, hosted by Antoinette Harrell.

Most Overlooked Record-Types in South Carolina

Going Social with Genealogy

For the benefit of NOATV listeners this morning, the following FamilySearch resources will help you specifically identify ancestors who lived in Louisiana:

FamilySearch Internet:
See also Historical Record collections for Louisiana on this list:  USA, Canada and Mexico

FamilySearch Wiki:  Louisiana

FamilySearch Wiki:  African American Research

FamilySearch Forums

See also:  Join a Facebook Research Community
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